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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
i just started offering leaf clean up this year, and the way ive been doing it is bagging the crap out of it with my ztr power bagger, riding the load over to the truck with the tarp laid out in the bed, and dumping the load into the tarp.

no need for a leaf loader. i mean unless you have a god-ton of clean ups lined up. just my opinion.
that's actually how I did the majority of my clean ups this year, works pretty good especially with the scag cheetah i bought in june with a 34hp engine, and a bagger i bought new in the end off september, I just continue to cut all my lawns every week or every other week depending on what they need, and bag them, then once the grass stops growing, and the leaves are all down, I blow all the beds out and bag the lawn for a final time, comes out pretty mint, and takes a lot less time for the final clean up. and I charge the same price as every year before, so the customer is happy there lawn looks good all the time, and there is no price increase and i'm happy because I just made 3-400 in an hour or less usually. the other clean ups I do that aren't my regular lawn customers i'm going to really push hard next spring to switch to having me do the lawn all year and then their clean ups will fly too vs. spending 3-4hrs on a 400 dollar clean up. It really is the most efficient way to do a clean up. i suppose someone will argue that its more wear and tear on the mower or something dumb like that but i really don't care, because i'm making enough to buy a new cheetah every year, with a bagger system. but obviously i don't need that, i may consider a second cheetah and bagger system next year depending on how things go in the spring but i certainly don't need another one yet.

Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
I'm sorry, I was refering to the guy that has his vac on the trailer. Must of hit the wrong button. BTW farther North you go you will have massive amounts of leaves.
that would be me. some yards up here have literally over 2000lbs of leaves that have to be hauled away each year. I am using my dads mitsubishi fuso cab over dump truck and it literally holds almost 15 yards, its a 12ft mason dump with 3 or 4ft metal sides welded on, and its 7ft wide, i don't even put a box on it, its so big already and the leaf vac shreds the leaves pretty well, so honestly I only dump once a day when i'm done for the day after I disconnect my trailer, but yah if had to dump more then once per day it would be pretty annoying. that's why when i get my own dump truck i'm mounting the leaf vac in the front on the truck in the plow frame, that way it stays on the truck for the whole leaf season.
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