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wow that's great!

you did that yourself?? it sure looks like a big professional firm did it.

i love the simple design on the home page, the logo, the font, the contrast.

the three photos is great. all the big boys have threes on their home page.

i love the bullet points. i love that the links turn into italics when you click on them.

i love the coupons.

i love the simple navigation, all where it's supposed to be. the logo is clickable back to index.

i love the gallery. is that wordpress? i'm sure you'll be adding more photos to it.

i love that you have a contact form.

i love the footer. could use a little more contrast for the text in there. i like the lighter color text, it's just a little hard to read. just one more notch darker, but in the same family, would be perfect.

i've designed and host over 40 websites, and none of them look as crisp and clean as that one!

you, sir, get an A+

(and i have to honestly say that 99% of the sites that people post in the "critique my site" threads here i don't comment on, i'd sound like a jerk if i did.)

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