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How do you think I did on pricing this job?

Customer lives 6 miles from me.
1 yard of compost was added to flower beds@ 2" depth(flower beds had no vegetation)
2.5 yards cedar mulch added around landscaping at 2" depth. (just a few plants to work around)

Labor- $50

Customer was billed $350.00

173.21 is left over

I did have to spend like 10 bucks to get new wire because i cut a invisible dog fence wire and had to fix it.

Job took roughly 4 hours (includes trip to pick up compost, then back with 2 trucks for mulch. I myself put in about 2 hours of prep time the day before.

So technically I put in 6 hours and made $28.00hr

I am happy with the profit I made, I'm just wondering if I priced it close to market value and how some of you would have gone about pricing the job.

I put in a total of 61 miles from the time I left my house until I got back home.

*Thanks in advance for your input!

*** I must note that I am in my 2nd month of business, so be easy on me!
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