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thanks everyone for the responses.

casey, so you have your leaf loader mounted onto a cart? and you can move it around the property? what kind of cart? I am guessing it is not sufficent to tow behind your truck, but it fits inside your trailer? I am not sure what you mean about lift like hell, but i am guessing you mean lifting the 225+ LB leaf loader?
Thanks alot i appreciate it

Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
I have mine with me all the time along with a ZTR,walkbehind blower and BP blowers. Its on a little cart with wheels and I roll it off the trailer and put it in the hitch and go on. When I have to dump I can't fit the cart underneath it anymore so I just pull it out go dump and try to have the back of the truck pointed down hill if possible. Think real hard about how much tarping leaves sucks and tilt it back and lift like hell!!! I'm not saying it is easy or I get it on the first try every time but it's possible. The loader is a 16hp trac vac. The ideal way is to have it mounted where you don't have to take it off and can still pull a trailer. When I get a bigger truck that is what I'm going to do. Also I'm a small guy 5,8 150lbs.
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