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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
nope better off staying in your neck of the woods, my area is saturated with landscapers as it is, and there will probably be another 1000 or more opening up april 1st 2013 in just this half of ct. Lots of new guys think they can be a landscaper, but a lot of low ball to get work to pay for all this new equipment they just bought and they soon realize, they aren't making enough money to live....or pay for the 4.30 a gallon diesel or even 4.50 a gallon at times. It's all relative to where you live. just because someone in a different part of the country may make 150,000 to your 40,000 doesn't mean they are doing much better. I don't give a per man hour or hourly rate anyways, I actually estimate how long it might take to do the job and i give a price, I never tell a customer an hourly rate. I've lost jobs because of it, and that is fine by me.
I know believe me I know.

I never give my rate either unless pressed and even then I try my hardest to stick with just the price I gave them take it or leave it doesn't matter what my hourly rate is.
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