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Originally Posted by Above Par Lawns View Post
How do you factor in monthly business expenses/insurance & wear and depreciation of equipment/truck?
I know you only have 2 months in this gig, and don't know your background, but this is where a finacial planner or advisor can be helpful. The small business association, chamber of commerce, and other places will often have either retired people in the know or people currently working in these fields who will donate their services for free or little costs.

Someone with many years experience dealing with small businesses or finacial planner will blow your mind away with knowledge. The resources are there if you reach out.

Computer software is often used as well, but I feel it is better suited for experienced guys that are working with a finacial planner.

Even though you are new and what I wrote above probably sounds extreme, it is not. How can one run a business if they don't know what there true costs are?
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