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I wish two passes would do that...

I have leaves it doesn't matter how many times you run over them the best I get is a TON of tiny 1 inch squares, now I do like doing it especially on windy days, for one it makes the end pile a lot smaller and two the wind foils my efforts less but ultimately those little pieces of leaf still present more than enough mess to require a blower.

When I can get away with it I usually have to drive in consistent chasing circles...
It's a lot like doing the racetrack, it happens to be clockwise, start at one end and chase the leaves by looping your way to the other side... Dizziness is a constant risk in this scenario, I literally ride in constant same-direction circles, you are talking 20, 30, 40, 50 or more, all depends on the size of the yard, even then sometimes it just gets too thick.

The mower bogs down, everything is down to these tiny pieces and a pile a foot high...

No, it doesn't reduce them to dust.
But it is nice when it works out that way.

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