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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
insurance payment/12months= insurance per month.
equipment repairs/12 months= wear and tear
truck value /how many years you think it'll last/ 12 months.

everyone will tell you different numbers. In Connecticut they are able to get much more than we are able to in Pennsylvania and I am sure that is different than what you can get where you are at. I know personally I need to be at 45/hr alone or 60 with a helper to make a profit. it all depends on your overhead and expenses/debt. its really hard to say what you should charge because only you can know that.
Okay, so after figuring those numbers what's next? Maybe it's too so to think about establishing a set hourly rate. It's not like I have a set work schedule and jobs are few and far between. There is a variable missing from my equation. If I had X amount of covers and I worked for Y amount of hours then it'd be easy to figure. But I don't have that. For now I just want to price my services around what the market in my area does (or more). All that's left is random jobs when I can be blessed enough to find them and hope/pray that it snows.
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