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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Lets leave the teachers aside for a second...

Do you think the thief or thieves have any intention of allowing you to use that pistol on them?
Even if they accidentally let you get one in, you shoot and the thief dies, you go to prison.

It is very simple, you only intended to shoot the thief in the leg but you accidentally hit the main artery and within minutes the thief is dead, you may think you were in the right but the thief may have had family in some cases wealthy and you have to hope now the lawyers and the judge have mercy on you, in many states vigilante justice is not well tolerated

Do you think they even intend to be in your line of sight when they plan on stealing from you?
The simple answer is no, and chances are great those pistols will not help you.
Here is what I found out recently when my phone got stolen...
Your equipment is still at risk.

Yes, I was in the back yard, all the guns in the world do little good when the truck isn't in sight.

When I called the police to file a report, one thing stood out:
You NEED the SERIAL NUMBER of the item that got taken!
Without this serial number the police can not (and most likely will not) file a report.
Even if an inexperienced officer does file it, the chances of getting your stuff back without said SERIAL NUMBER are nil.
Your stuff, and 100's other just like it, no serial number, no report, no recovery.

That is the main reason why most of the time when something is stolen from an LCO and they call the police, nothing happens.
Because the LCO doesn't have or is otherwise unable to provide to the police the SERIAL NUMBER of the stolen item.

You want to get back at thieves, then keep a detailed record of the SERIAL NUMBER of every thing you own, every saw, every trimmer, every mower, your phone, your computer, every single thing.
Keep this record in a safe place.

And when something is taken from you, at least you have that serial number so you can file the report.

Then let the police do their job.
That is who is in charge of those things.
Not these pistoleros, when something is stolen all these gun toting machos won't be around then, oh no, they talk all hot and shot here but just you wait, now get those serial numbers on record because it's just you and the police.
you are absolutely right, criminals have more rights then someone saving many lives, in our wonderful court system everything is so screwed up these days that IF one of the teachers did legally carry a gun and it was fully legal to have it in the school, he or she would probably still end up going to jail.....
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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