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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
They field tested theirself pretty heavy, and also sent quite a few to florida (as it was off season during test period before release) and got quite a few changes to it before release. One big change was the 2 speed tranny.... I am very happy with their field testing, its just some issues take more than 35 or 50 units getting used for a couple of months to really come out.
Last year I got a XP prototype for nearly 5 months to bang around before the actual unit even got a release at the dealer meeting presentation, and it still has a few nitpicky things I would like to see different (I have never used a "perfect" mower, but its neat someone is listening and striving for it), Gravely and Bad Boy both are working on it pretty hard, and I think are world's over the competition in the "listening" department. The 460 and XP are a result of alot of that listening.... Cool thing about Bad Boy is everything they are doing for us and still not ridiculous on the pricing situation....
Op, send me a pm with your information, and I will forward up to the factory and maybe get you fixed up with a new height pin, some nuts that will hold your anti scalp wheels, and get you on the right track on your belt/spring issue...
Please let me know if BB needs some one to do some field testing I have some big ruff 20 acres lotts and some with 30* slopes.
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