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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
According the the 2 master mechanics I talk to, adding some Sta-bil to the gas is about the only thing both of them recommend and aren't dead set on this.

They are more concerned about the batteries in the mowers and heavy machines. So, I use a battery tender on all of my stuff. They also are big on making sure your machines get a full check up to check for any problems and parts that might need replacing or parts where it is a good idea to go ahead replace.

I can always go out and buy a new blower or trimmer, but a 10K+ machine would not be ideal

I run Stabil and Sea Foam in my gas and mix year round.
I have one piece of equipment with a battery and I just remove it and bring it inside for the winter.

run the handhelds dry, stabil in the mowers and I'm done.

I wait till just before my season starts to replace anything broken, grease, oil change, etc.
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