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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Question #13...Exmark Lazer Z with 27 hp Kohler
Condition....Little Billy got up early on the day after Thanksgiving to buy a new Lazer and get one free.
He only needed one so he stored the other one in his shed for 3 the 3rd year the Lazer he was using started having a few pulled his new 3yr old mower out of the shed and serviced the battery and the was good....
At 10 hours the engine threw a rod...the welch plug fell out of the crank and the engine lost oil pressure..
Is this a warranty ???
Your'e the warranty expert. You tell me! Better yet explain to " Little Billy" how a welch plug fell out of a new engine, warranty or not! " Cause he ain't buyin' the line about improperly stored and corrosion loosening the plug!

Actually its not covered under warranty.
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