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Richard, thanks for the suggestions.

In my experience, one carb repair is about par for the life of machines like this. This repair was done part way through its life, and I did not need to be concerned about "more fuel issues ... not too distant future..." It lasted long enough for another major problem, so having a good carb on the machine with a failed drive line isn't of much value. I have never replaced needles and jets on any carb rebuild, and never been worse for it in the future. Apparently, these parts have a much greater lifespan than the diaphragms.

This trimmer now sits in the shop, and I'm wondering if it should be repaired. The square shank on the drive line has worn out, and will no longer engage with the clutch plate. It is on my list to disassemble to see how many parts are required to put it back into service. It has been replaced.

I've not seen anybody post anything about making this kind of repair. Or, maybe they made the repair, but posted no pics so others might understand what is involved.
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