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Nice work. Can't go wrong with clean, easy to navigate, and to the point.

- Suggestion-wise, you'll want to look at Google or SEOmoz's beginner SEO guides and pay particular attention to the various tags, such as H, TITLE, Meta Descriptions, etc. Take a look at the various Wordpress SEO plugins, such as Yoast's or SEO All In One.

- I'd recommend changing from page IDs to post name or a custom naming convention. (in WP, it's under Settings/Permalinks, as well as at the top of each Page/Post in the editor.)

- Each of your pages have a page name (below the menu, above the content), but getting a bit more descriptive will help. Ie, "Lawn Services" instead of just "Services". Think in terms of how people would search for you. Would a potential customer go to Google and just type "Services Phillipsburg, NJ" or would they be more likely to type "Lawn Services Phillipsburg, NJ"?

- In reading Jon's post, I see a mention of coupons. On page load, I see a quick flash of them and then they're gone. I use an ad blocker on my browser. Depending on what you're using to serve them (assuming an Ad Widget), if you create a coupon like you would any other content (stylized box that looks the exact same as you have), you'll get around the ad blocking issues.

- Portfolio page, I would get more descriptive with the captions/alt tags. Your potential customers and search engines will like having the image context set for them. ("Something about the landscaping project" vs "Landscaping 6")

- The pages that don't have pics, you might want to integrate one or two to each page. You do visual work, so you might as well grab their attention with your photos.

- The home page and About Us page content are duplicates, making the About Us page seem more like a way to just have another page to have another page.

- Across all pages, the visitor has to search to find your service area. If you move your location and, most importantly, your phone number to a higher point of focus, you'll make it easier for them.

- Service page looks great. Easy to read and direct. "Cluttered attic cleaning" in the midst of lawn services was kind of a departure and I would probably put related services together when possible, or put it at the end to maintain the contextual flow.

All in all, looks good and a great start. If there was a glaring issue, it's the overly-simplified header of the pages and trying to understand where you are and how to call you.
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