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Solo op here.
I mount my leaf loader on the front of my truck using a front mount receiver. I tow my enclosed trailer to the job with all equipment necessary. At the job site I disconnect the trailer and I can move my truck into whatever position necessary to make collecting the leaves the easiest. Sometimes I have one huge pile, sometimes I'll have 2 or 3 smaller piles throughout the property, and other times I have the leaves lining the curb where I suck up about 10-12 feet worth of leaves, move the truck forward, and proceed to suck up the rest until the job is done.
In my honest opinion there is no other efficient way for a solo op to do it. You can put the loader on your trailer but then that limits you as to where you can put your piles and maneuver your truck. You could purchase a loader with a separate tow behind trailer but then that requires you to drop off main trailer and pick up loader trailer which is non efficient.
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