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Yeah I don't see loading a ton of leaves, most I've ever hauled is a thousand pounds and most of my loads are in the 400-700 pound range, the loading is best done EARLY when the leaves are still dry, the later it gets in the season the harder the jobs become... Get a smaller tarp, or don't load it as full.
Of course now it takes more trips to the trailer...

The problem is a trailer such as what you folks speak of costs 6 or 7 thousand dollars, especially considering I need almost a full ton truck to pull it and it requires tires and more maintenance too. With my regular trailer, if I take 1,000 loads in the next 20 years I just got paid 10 dollars a load for NOT using a dump trailer.

To keep the leaves from flying off I secure tarps to the trailer with spring clips, thou I like the ratchet straps idea a lot too.

To unload...

Before I load the trailer I lay stretch a chain from front down center to the back of the trailer, it has hooks on both ends, the front hook I clip onto the front of the trailer... Just like the guy who lays down a tarp but all I lay down is a length of chain right smack down center of the trailer... Then, I load the leaves.

When I get to the dump site I find a BIG log to back up against.
Then I grab a 16 or so foot strap from back of truck and hook that to the front hook of the chain I laid out earlier, pull that over top and to the back... When I get to the back I have another 8 foot chain I loop around the log and hook to both the strap and the laid down chain.

Then I get in my truck and drive it forward.
Blammo, the entire load comes off.

You'd think the chain would just slice through the center of that load of leaves and pull almost nothing off.
But oddly enough with the exception of a few leaves that scrape the sides of the trailer the whole load comes off in one try, all it takes is two minutes with a blower to get what little is left behind.

Then I collect chains and strap and get on down the road.

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