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Originally Posted by sven1277 View Post
That is sadly true, none of those killed in Newtown are coming back. In China on the same day, a similar horrible event happened where a crazy man entered an elementary school and attacked 22 children. With a knife. They all survived. China has very strict gun control laws. That man didn't have easy access to firearms. Doesn't that say anything? It was very similar situations. Very different laws. Very different results. You all want to be safe. I want to be safe. Get rid of hand guns and hand gun violence stops. How more simple can it be?
Taking guns away from from everyone won't stop anyone but the law abidding people. Drug's are illegal to have,make,grow, or sell yet there is thousands of transactions and infractions that go on daily. Arming law abidding people will curve some of it and in the case of the school shooting it would limit the number of injury's if someone were to stop the shooter. taking away more of our rights is not the answer, all that does is give the criminals more unprotected targets.

even if you take guns away whats to stop someone that wants to kill from using their car or some other meathod, if they want to do it bad enough they will find a way. should we outlaw cars to since people die every day from careless drivers?
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