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Originally Posted by C & T Landscaping View Post
The HS I went to had two security guards and two SRO's (School Resource Officer) which are county police assigned to patrol the inside, and outside of the campus. The school also had 400+ Security cameras. We had fights...but not once was a gun ever involved. Not to mention, all the rooms had a call button that went straight to the security office, once pushed EVERYONE in administration and the security will be their within minutes. I do agree that schools need at least one armed guard that can be ready with the appropriate equipment for the job. Also, all our doors were locked during school hours...if you needed in, you'd have to go through the main office, unless a student let you in through a side door...which if you're packing heat, I doubt they would.
This is exactly how it needs to be in every school! had the school in conn had this system in place can you imagine the difference it would have made? Our HS's have this also but we need to implement it at all levels in every school. Maybe only one SRO is needed but he would be a lot closer than waiting on a 911 call to go through.
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