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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
duramax diesel's are known for getting great fuel economy while towing, especially with efi live tunes in them, pretty normal stuff here it's actually simple dad's 95 extended cab long bed with with 100 gallon aux fuel tank got 20mpg towing a 20 ft equipment trailer to nj with a monte carlo ss on it, and 22 on the way back empty trailer. doing about 70 the whole way. The more power you have the less you push the throttle to maintain speed, and accelerate, therefore the engine doesn't have to work as hard and you get better fuel economy. I run a 96 7.3 powerstroke with 272,000 of reliable service every single day. not the fastest truck or very good on fuel towing but it works every day during the spring, summer and fall and to me that is what counts, i know a gas truck wouldn't be able to move some of the stuff i tow with my truck. or it would be going very very slow up some of the hills around me. getting 4 mpg probably.
That isn't the case with the Dodge. It gets better mpg on mild +60 hp towing than on hot +175hp. Empty it does better on hot.
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