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As in other threads again I agree with Dvs. You should not wait ubtil year end to review a job. It should be done as the project is on going. That way if you are loosing money or on track to loose money you can minimize that loss. After the project is complete i review how we finished amd try to make adjustments where needed. At year end again i will review to refresh my memory and develop new systems to increase our profits and minimize losses.

Again if you wait until year end to review you could be loosing money all year long. The nost important thing you need to do is .ake sure you are accurate in your record keeping. Applying all materials all labor (direct and indirect) to each job. We use a PO system for material pick up at vendors, shop materials are removed and tracked with work orders and all labor is extensivley tracked. All of this is entered into the system under a specific job number.
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