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Originally Posted by joshua View Post
is it just me or did it seem like there were less companies out in the youngstown area this year? and that most of the bigger companies got smaller. just wondering what you guys seen and think.
******bag enviroscabs moved in and hurt alot of the commercial market. The big guys started beating down the prices so bad that they hurt their end of the market. Between ABL and all the other big companies (I wont name the rest since some are on here) are mulching for $30-40 bucks a yard, and mowing lawns for $15-20 bucks, no wonder they can't even afford to pay their employees.

Plus I think the gas industry has already started to help us, I know a few guys that got out of this or other small businesses to join that industry because they can make 50-200K a year off the bat. Only bad part is you have to work 90 plus hours a week.
I might retire today
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