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Think we started fall clean ups on Nov 16th its now Dec 16th. We have managed to work 19.5 days but if you counted all half days it may be closer to 25 days. Still got like 13 or so to go and a week of rain ahead. But I have been tracking income every day as we progress through the fall clean up season. Thus far I am less than a hundred from 20k with about 4k worth still on the table. But its hardly worth effort just something we do to keep clients happy and help pay winter bills. And for the added insult I managed to break a rib earlier tonight wrestling that damm flex metal tube onto the leaf vac. I squeezed to hard with my arm because I had my head phones on and actually heard the snap. So I got that to keep me company all winter long since this typically takes 2 months to heal. Broke a few on the left side like 20 years ago so I know the feeling but that came from a very hard hit to the side as a co worker lost his balance and fell into me elbow first. But this I did all by my self and then comes all the what ifs. What if the guys didn't break the window on the gmc then I wouldn't have been using my truck. What if my mechanic had been ready to install the window the night before then I wouldn't have even been on that side of the list. What if one of my guys hadn't been crying about his back then I wouldn't have changed my mind last second and went to that account. Sadly that works both ways perhaps that got me out of a fatal auto accident you never know. But on the bright side at-least the seasons nearly over so Ill have some time to rest.
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