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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
People in general. Blaming us for running over gutters when the gutters are 10 ft in the landscape, ever think of the meter reader guy. People not paying and then say well your service was only worth X. More and more mower guys coming out of the woodwork. Prices less today than 5years ago. More demanding customers like today, not tomorrow. Just a few thoughts for now!
Yea I usually go off on the ones that think they set the price of my service, I own this damn company and I tell you what the price is not the other way around. This is more and more common for some reason, and I'm in small claims court now more and more I am not afraid to put a lein on your house and I let them know that along with a lawsuit.I have a lawyer that isn't afraid either, you HAVE to present yourself as a true professional not a guy with a mower, you have to have REAL service agreements with REAL letterheads, or people won't take you seriously.

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