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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
forgive me for my comments they were wrong and came at one of the worse times. I was blinded by anger from the post I was commenting about.

all I was trying to do was prove my point that I don't feel we have a responsibility to anyone other than ourselves and I did it in a disgusting way.

I spoke (typed) before thinking as I sometimes do.

of course in a situation like CT I would help if I could. I would probably help in more situations than I actually think I would. but I don't feel a responsibility ever to anyone but myself and I wouldn't expect anyone else to feel any different either.

I think from the damage I've done from my post I will be departing this website so farewell and good luck to you all.
No need to leave the website. I may not agree with all your posts but its good to have different view points from different people. Thats how we all learn and grow.
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