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I've had two Hustlers- a new 98' shortcut and bought a new industrial grade 3200 in 02.' I've had 3 Exmark's-a 23HP LQ 60", a 46" Lazer, and my last one in 02' was a 27HP LQ 72." I then switched to Scag and bought a new 08' TT with a LQ 29 DFI, have had two 36" Scag WB's, and a 72" Sabre Tooth with a 31HP turbo charged Daihatsu Diesel. I switched to Scag because of the better ride and the better cut. The Scag is by far a better built, higher quality, and much more plush machine-it's the "Cadillac" of mowers in my opinion. However, if you're mowing residential, I think the lighter weight and narrower Exmark is a better choice. The Scag is my choice on wide open and rough commercial jobs, which is what I mow now(It's a big, wide, and heavy mower). I mow up to 12 hours a day on rough ground(5-6) hrs at a time w/o stopping and the Scag is the choice in those conditions. The kicker is, I've had better luck mechanically with the Exmark. I put 1000 hrs on my last Exmark and only had to replace a belt. The two Scag's were giving me problems mechanically at only 300 hrs and things wore out quicker versus my last Exmark. I had a difficult time understanding this with a better built machine. Overall, the best bang for the buck has been the Exmark. I will point out that I've been on one of the new Exmark's and was not impressed-I liked the older machines, even though they rode rough. It depends on how you plan to use the mower and dealer support-that's the bottom line.
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