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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
No need to leave the website. I may not agree with all your posts but its good to have different view points from different people. Thats how we all learn and grow.
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well I guess I could stick around a bit longer.

we NEED better gun control. gun control is NOT removing guns completely from law abiding citizens though.

background checks need to be stricter. I know every time I've purchased a firearm I'm out the door in 5 min from purchasing it.

I also know guns aren't for everyone. no employer except the law enforcement and military should ever be mandating there employees carry a weapon. the school systems need to step up and hire proper security. mandating teachers carry firearms is not the answer.

what parent wants there child to spend each and every day with a teacher who has a gun in there pocket. I sure wouldn't. these massacres are too far and few between to be requiring every teacher have a gun but to deadly to not do something. that something is security outside the doors each and every min that building has students in it.
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