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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
forgive me for my comments they were wrong and came at one of the worse times. I was blinded by anger from the post I was commenting about.

all I was trying to do was prove my point that I don't feel we have a responsibility to anyone other than ourselves and I did it in a disgusting way.

I spoke (typed) before thinking as I sometimes do.

of course in a situation like CT I would help if I could. I would probably help in more situations than I actually think I would. but I don't feel a responsibility ever to anyone but myself and I wouldn't expect anyone else to feel any different either.

I think from the damage I've done from my post I will be departing this website so farewell and good luck to you all.
Because Lawnsite is a social place made up of responsible, professional & personable members(including yourself) your post was extremely contrary to our unspoken standard of consideration for the safety & well being of others & has received an appropriate rebuttle. However there aren't enough good people like ourselves so we want you to stick around but strive to admonish you to step up your concern for others (as you've already considered). This is how church is supposed to run actually. I know I've had to change my way of thinking hundreds of times becoming a better person(don't ask my wife to concur).
Now let's all have a good day with our family & friends.
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