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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
I wasn't implying that are milking the fact that it is hourly, i just figured since you are being paid hourly you would get very very detailed. milking it in my opinion is working slow to get paid more. From what you have said in other threads it seems like you move at pretty quick pace. I agree with standard of detail, you can't polish a turd, to say it lightly, when a customer has a crappy lawn full of weeds, moss everywhere and just wants it cut 2x a month or less, I'm not gonna go out of my way, or even spend any extra time trying to make it look nice, I'm gonna cut it as fast as possible and trim as fast as i can walk, and blow the driveway off as fast as i can and leave. vs a nice account, i'll go a little slower so it looks nicer.
I just do what I think is right for the particular lawn and customer. I used to say that you can't polish a turd too...until MythBusters ruined it for me.

But this is a lot of the reason I charge my cleanups hourly. What is the standard? What is the end point of a fall cleanup? What happens when your standard and the customer's don't match? What happens when you bid it as a lump sum price and you think you're done and the customer doesn't. When billing hourly the solution is simple....fine, I'll go spend more time on it.
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