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Most helpful tool i have found to have is a leatherman on your waist at all times. Its worth the $80 bucks for a nice one. Saved me a million trips to the truck for a tool! It works for everything even like shrub removal and you dont want to dive that nice sharp chainsaw into the dirt for the roots but the shovel or ax aint doing the trick, trust me that little saw on the leatherman works! For all of us with out nice shiny skidsteers to do the job.

Pb blaster sucks waist of money, by fluid film or the new WD-40 penetrating

If something isnt running properly dont just let it go. try to fix it there or right when u get home because eventually that piece of equipment isnt going to start in the morning..Thats a long ride home at 8 a.m.

At the end of the year stabil will be your best friend. Please winterize your equipment. If you dont use some sort of fuel treatment in the winter and come spring your equipment wont start and your screaming why wont this start. sorry that's your own fault!!

You will learn how to become Macgyver yourself when something breaks but dont trust it to last all season.. fix it right at the end of the day!

You will never have enough bungees or ratchet straps!

Sneakers and jogging pants are a no no! totally unprofessional! and please put a shirt on, customers dont want to see your tatoos!

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