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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
thanks for the informative post. its always intresting to hear new useful methods.
what if the leaves are wet or damp?
i have an exmark metro 36" with 16hp kawi engine. will that work? i guess if your lawnboy worked that will. Now to find out how to make a mulching plate.
As I mentioned earlier, wet/damp leaves don't mulch very well and you can end up making a mess.

Your mower should work. You can do it with an open discharge chute and mulching blades such as Gators. Ideally you'd have the mulching kit which has baffles that create a chamber for each blade rather than everything being thrown to the blade on the discharge side, along with a blocking plate.

On Exmarks, the kits work best with the wavy mulching blades in my experience. You can use the kit with Gator blades but they put out a lot more air and you will then have a problem with leaves blowing out from under the deck.

The problem with the mulch kit and wavy blades is that now you can't bag without taking the kit and the blocking plate off, which, although not particularly time consuming, isn't very practical.

A good compromise for you might be to use Gator blades, no mulch kit baffles, and to make a blocking plate that allows air to escape while retaining the cut up leaves long enough to be cut into little pieces. To do this you can cut or drill holes in the blocking plate or make it out of expanded steel...the stuff they make trailer gates out of. You'll just need a couple of bolts to hold it on that could be taken off easily if you do need to discharge or bag.
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