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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
Rod, why dont you share your schedule with us so we all can be cool like you? 8 week intervals?
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I find it funny that almost every post I have stated facts and agnomonic questions/information. Yet you say I stir the pot. I love the way you throw out little slams as you have no ground to stand on.

If you want to see my schedule...look at OSU and Purdue's fertilizer recs. I am going the same time of year yet using less N per k then they even recommend due to using 50% SCU.

The way this thread got started was by a guy that is upset that all his customers are not taking 6 applications. He says it isn't fair to his "guys" who works for him and even eludes that he may not spray on certain rounds to make them think they need more apps.

All I am saying is...give the customer what they want and charge them accordingly, give them a sound agronomic program and educate them. If you are applying to a lawn in severe drought...then you are not a professional.

Effeciency why don't you tell me what you would apply to a lawn during a 3 month drought that would improve quality?

There are just too many guys out here going through the motions and they don't even know why.

As an overall industry it is just totally embarassing! And guys that are applying fertilizer to dust in July and August will eventually lose their customer!

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