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Employee issues would be number one and the comment about being 4 mins late you have no idea how good you have it.

The kids today have cell phones attached to them and lazy streaks a mile wide.

Then there is just plain stupidity the inability to predict the predictable under any circumstances. Rocks at high speed = broken window so weed whacking at max rpms near gravel 10-20 feet from lots of glass is moronic.

Then there is wear and tear and I do not get much of that from abuse but that doesn't mean I have few repairs. Things wear out and break all the time. Now I can weld so metal issues are that big a deal. However the pain in the rear of driving 30-45 mins each way plus time at the dealer and fuel used so a good 2 hours of my time to chase down a 5 to 10 dollar part that drives me nuts.

Then there is the office it seems it takes just a few days to fall massively behind in phone calls and the amount of paperwork to sort through in a span of just a week can be astonishing.

The late payers and worse the no payers can really put a cash flow crunch on you.

Managed to go the year with out buying any tires other then a few rear tires for 3 of the mowers and one caster wheel. But the big ones on trailers and trucks not this season. So next year I need 8 trailer tires and at-least 4 truck tires and the year after that will get really ugly.
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