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I spent another week on site, still no love for Bobcat, but, it's got a full cab and it does cut down on dust, but it ain't no Caterpillar.
I'm really hating steel studs and drop ceiling tracks, what a PITA to remove. But there is progression being made.
The "battering ram" arrived on site, 14 feet long, it really didn't work that well, but it made knocking down the ceiling and HVAC ducting much easier and fun.

Removing the boiler from the boiler room, I do love these "zoom boom" machines.

Then the big toy arrived, but there was some confusion over what would work better, I wanted a true shear head, and all I got a pulveriser, so we tried a few things, but sent the pulveriser back to get the head swapped out for the shear.
"Chicken Beak", suitable for 30" thick concrete with rebar, and a shear inside the throat:

"Lobster Claw" better suited for steel, can handle a bit of concrete, but just a bit.

Tight squeeze, but it went fast for the first section.

2 hours later:

2 hours the next day:

View from above:

Local contractor was brought in with his S205 and hammer to go a 24" grid line, the concrete is fractured and breaks faster after I pull trusses down.

Next stages will be pulling the beams down, and after the floor is gone, the elevator shaft structure and 3 walls that are 28 feet high will be knocked down, I start with a jackhammer to get a start on the top, and use a pulveriser on the rest. Another 2 weeks for sure.
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