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Originally Posted by bigirish320 View Post
Sorry long day and thought I copied and pasted it all.
It's. 48 deck, rack em steel catcher with the bracket already mounted on the machine so it doesn't hit the tire or anything. I have a few extra blades for the machine as well as gator blades. It's still in great condition and like I said the price is OBO, I'm just trying to start it in the ball park so offers are welcome just don't low ball. It's a year old machine with barely any hours on it so I'm not giving it away. Any other questions let me know
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I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't trying to bash your price, just trying to state that it's out of my price range at this point. I'd have to get it at a steal in order to justify such a purchase. It would be a great addition to my equipment lineup though and I'm sure more productive the Turf Tracer/sulky combination I use when a Z rider isn't the best choice for a lawn.

It's just a matter of time before someone comes on here and tells you that your price is ridiculous and that they can get the same exact machine brand new from their dealer for half that price, lol.
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