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Are you Ok with summer applications on irrigated turf? Problem is; how do we know when our customers will get out the hose and open the tap? Especially if we help the customer, and advise them to water the grass or lose it (reseed or resod). Likewise we don't know when the next rain may fall. I feel that a careful feeding of slow-release or organic fert on top, even if the grass is brown--will help speed recovery, when rains finally arrive.
And, Rod, how do you feel about weeds? Some customers need control for nutsedge, crabgrass and spurge. Seems like nutgrass, crabgrass and spurge don't mind the heat, and can arise after even a light shower
I want to be sure to apply grub control at the proper time--you never know if or how soon it will be watered-in of course.
In the end, it depends on what the customer wants. He pays, and if he wants dense, fast-growing grass--quality like a baseball field--its our job to produce it for him.
I am OK with postponing applications until after rain on large properties that are impractical to irrigate
I agree with you on one thing--be prepared to seed or renovate drought damaged lawns in the fall--and be prepared to seed in spring, because la lot of people will not call till spring. And keep your sod farm on speed dial.

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