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instead of moving towards non-violence, people want to buy more guns?
sure the gun its self didnt cause the people to die, but without it could this person have killed over 20 people? say this person had acces to nuclear device? why is it that there is so much resistance for people to have nuclear device? it is just device. but dangerous. Like gun. in the wrong hands, can cause others harm. for people who create violence, if they have no weapon, it will be difficult to harm others. gun, sword, nuclear device, empowers one to harm others.
violence starts in the mind. these actions are just a manifestation of mind. thus we should focus on the root level (mind) to destroy the roots of ignorance so that we may be happy and the society may be happy. many methods and teachings for this are available to all, now that information is spread freely to anyone.
obviously a society where everyone carrys a gun, is not a society that anyone would like to live in. there is no way that anyone who is intrested in happiness, or peace can see such a society as an evoloution.
When one sees others as himself; that an act of violence towards others is like cutting off his own leg, peace can prevail.

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