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Originally Posted by sgbotsford View Post
You guys are loonies!

Think about this:

If you shoot some guy who is trying to run away with your chainsaw (and really have you ever tried sprinting carrying a chainsaw?) think of the paperwork. Here there will automatically be an inquest. You will need a lawyer. You will lose days of work time telling your story.

Then: How much do you practice? Have you tried shooting a running person? Have you practiced over and over again, evaluating the scene to make sure that the shots that miss your target don't take out a kid in the yard further along?

Look at the stats for kids who get hurt by household guns.

If you are going to carry a deadly weopon, I want you to fire 500 rounds a month target practice on the kinds of range the police use where scene evaluation is critical for 20% of those.

Stay out of my town.
You are right about the practice but not what will happen if you shoot someone stealing your stuff. The penalties are not so lienient as where you are. Here in the states you will probably be charged with murder 2. You can't use deadly force unless someone is using deadly force against you or someone with you.

I also find it laughable how our Canadian neighbors think they have it so safe compared to us. Actually your gun laws are more lax. What it is is you just don't hear about incidents like we do giving you a false sense of security. You also probably don't have the loonies we do.
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