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Originally Posted by sgbotsford View Post
Interesting. I have no problem with sneakers, especially if doing anything that requires climbing. (E.g. ladder work cleaning gutters I'm clumsy in boots) If I'm working on roofs I want a rubber soled shoe or even a soft mocasin to minimize damage and maximize traction.

Jogging pants? No problem. But I want them neat and clean if we are going to a client. No ripped out crotch, torn knees. And the elastic has to work so don't have to constantly hitch them up. (Since I run a tree farm 85% of my work is at the farm.) Similarly if they wear shorts, they are neat. No cutoffs. Running shorts are ok. Lots of my guys come to work in jeans, but use a pair of running shorts as underwear, and peel down as the day warms up.

Long pants or shin guards when using a weedeater, or rototiller, depending.

Mowing? My present walk behind mowers have a rubber flap on the back of the bell. I've yet to have anything thrown through that, so if the guys want to wear sneakers, I've no problem with it.

I hire a lot of high school kids. If I get too inflexible, they go find somewhere else to work. Being able to suntan while weeding or mowing is one of the perks.

Big thing for me is being polite. This hasen't been a problem yet. I live near a farming community, and parents insist on polite kids. But one who is impolite would stand out, so it's something I talk about during orientation.

Lot of this depends on location. California is a lot more casual about skin than Carolina.
I don't know if you mean college kids or high school kids or pre-schoolers or what, but where I am in the US workers have to be a minimum of 18 to work in a "hazardous occupation."

Here's the list (emphasis added):

Prohibited Occupations and Places of Employment For All Minors Under the Age of 18 Years
Manufacturing and storage of explosives
Motor vehicle driving and outside helper
Logging and sawmilling
The use of electrical tools, circuits, or equipment (except double insulated hand tools)
Exposure to radioactive substances or ionization radiation
Power-driven hoisting apparatus
Power-driven metal-forming, punching or shearing machines
Slaughtering or meat packing, processing or rendering. This includes electric meat slicers.
Brick, tile, and kindred products manufacturing
Wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking
Roofing operations
Excavation operations
Automotive maintenance and repair, EXCEPT (the following are permitted):
island work
changing passenger car tires (no truck tires)
use of air hand tools
preparing cars for painting, limited to sanding and masking (no spray painting or welding)
hand cleaning and washing of motor vehicles (no flammable liquids)
clerical or bench work
Beverage bottling
Soldering, welding, brazing, smelting, rolling, flame cutting, or any other types of metal processing
Brick, clay or tile manufacturing
Coke and tar products processing/manufacturing
Dry cleaning/laundry operations
Processing of food products
Construction, EXCEPT the following:
Landscaping (planting small trees, shrubs, etc.)
General yard work/cleaning (no riding reel lawn mowers)
Brush painting & window cleaning (no ladders over 6 feet, no flammable cleaners/thinners, etc.)
Clerical/shipping/stock work
Glazing/glass cutting operations
Heat treating operations or helper
Ice manufacturing
Installation/maintenance/repair of electrical machinery/equipment
Paper/paper products/paperboard manufacturing
Plastic/plastic products manufacturing
Pharmaceutical products manufacturing
Operation of foot, hand or power presses
Printing operations
Pressure testing
Synthetic fiber manufacturing
Rubber/synthetic rubber products manufacturing/processing
Spray painting and dipping
Stone cutting and processing
Leather products processing/tanning
Sewing machine operation using needles over 1/16 inch diameter
Tire recapping, vulcanizing or manufacturing
Textile machinery operations
Trash/cardboard compactor
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