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Originally Posted by Monroe74 View Post
Im not knocking dodge but when it comes to over all sales between the big three ford is 1 gmc 2 chevy 3 and dodge is 4 and toyota tundra is last.
I just picked up my copy of diesel power jan 2013 and dodge has finally stepped up and an is giving the option of the asisn trans in their hd ho model trucks originally only available it the 4500 and 5500 trucks. Imo the trans is what stopped most people from buying them.
Ill be taking a good hard look at them this year.
Do add to that they are redoing the steering linkages on them. They had issues on the 2012 my gf father is the ceo of the company that makes and designs all the steering linkages for ford, gm, and dodge trucks and they are finally letting them do their thing like what ford has let them do for a number of years. Also dodge is the only one who has a manual anymore.
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