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Know your cost first

Getting accounts is the easiest part of the new start-up. Understanding your cost per hour of operation is where most people / companies fail.

To answer your question on marketing, yes the best time to attract residential accounts is in the spring just before start up. You mentioned 10k pieces. Instead of putting out 10k at one time, take an area and hit the same area three times with 1/3 of the volume. Consistency is the key. Very few people buy anything on the first contact. Think about McDonald's, Budweiser, anyone that advertises. You here it over and over. None of us have their budgets, but what we can take away from that is the need for consistency.

We offer a couple items you may be interested in attracting new clients, the way to get them, when to go after them, and many other techniques that we have found successful over the last 33 years. We have a manual that explains this in detail and CD that is full of templates for you to use. They are customizable by you to fit your company and the services you offer. Check out our marketing your lawn and landscape information at

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