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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
Alright, enough of this electrical bullchit! I'm pretty good with electrics, as are a lot of other posters, but you're coming up with some scenarios that are difficult to diagnose without fingerprintin' it! ( as you well know)
#14 could be any number of things: bad ground , bad starter, starter stuck in the flywheel, locked engine, bad solenoid, bad cable etc., etc.
The answer is clear in your head.............
You got it Fish...Briggs are notorious for the starter gear hanging up in the flywheel..

I try to give you enough info to eliminate most of the wrong answers...without making the answer I'm looking for too obvious....not a fan of multiple choice...
Granted...the majority of these question are not geared fot the novice...but it ain't 3 level chess with invisible pieces..
Perhaps these questions and answers will help someone debug a hard to fix engine someday..
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