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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
You could be under estimating materials and or production hrs. Or you may be over estimating, and if you know you're over estimating you may see that you have room to estimate less, offer a more competitive price, and sells more jobs.

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I am an irrigation guy but completely agree with this. With the company I am with now we have flat rate prices for just about everything but that isn't always realistic as the profit margin fluctuates, and as mentioned above sometimes its the difference between getting a job and not. Usually with jobs, especially multi-day installs I try to figure out how much should be getting done realistically perday and track that. Work orders help keeps track of travel time and time spent on jobs. The hardest thing I have yet to figure out is how to factor in time for estimates, like designing a 250K 3 acre landscape. I guess that just ends of being overhead or do you move to a second consultation of paid design. Optional overhead is another issue I have been working with, since time at the shop organizing things or cleaning can get out of hand. just my two cents.
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