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I'll tell you what, I'll never buy a gas engine Isuzu again. I made the mistake of buying an Isuzu with a gas engine(Chevy 350) off of this site back in 2010. I have never in my life seen a gas engine use that much fuel before. I truly believe that's why he sold it to the next sucker(me) who came along. The funny thing is that, when I asked him about gas mileage, he said it wasn't that bad.I'll put it to you this way, I was putting $50(only filled it to half a tank) in it every 2 days!!!!!I live exactly 9 mins from the town I mowed in-I had a very tight route-jobs within 1/2 mile from each other.....that's as far as that truck was driven on a regular basis. I finally had to sell the truck because I was going broke trying to run it-it was a really nice truck too-It killed me to have to sell it seeing that it was the perfect truck for me. It also used a quart of oil every 2 wks, which was not mentioned, and I had to drop about $1200 into the engine and exhaust system 3 months after I bought it-not cool. I think that may have explained why he had pretty much parked it for a year before I purchased it. I bought a new Isuzu box truck in 01' with a diesel and highly prefer the diesel in the Isuzu.
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