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Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
I am going to be changing the way I do my billing along with no more "call when you need me". The "Call when you need me" they let it go a month at a time and then its just a jungle. Oh and they still want it done for $40

Also thinking of picking up an Exmark so I have a nice new mower and I won't be having to bag nearly as much as I am now.
I never take on the "Ill call you when I need you garbage!" Never make any money off of them and they are usually cheap and are slow payers! Not worth it! Good call on eliminating those customers!

I'm also going to try and tighten up my route and possibly start weeding out my bi-weekly accounts and go to weekly only. Seems as if there's really no money involved in bi weekly customers.
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