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Ok......I had some time to spend at the HOA. They called the well installer and he states that the well is producing "crystal clear" water at the well. The heads and filters that I replaced a few weeks ago seem to be doing better. I noticed that all the zones have 2" water lines and valves. The zone I am having problem with is a 1" valve. Could this cause the problem? The pump is cycling on and off a lot and the spray from the heads is terrible when the pump is off. So I had the idea that if I could combine two zones that would help to keep the pump running. I simply put two wires under one station, and that seems to keep the pump running and the spray heads are doing better. Is this bad? I know that actually combining the zones with the same pipe would be better but I was desperate to keep some pansies alive while we have some 70 degree days. What do you guys think? Any more suggestions?
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