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I have no idea what the local penalties are. I do know that the mounties take a really dim view of killing people who aren't directly attempting to do the same. (Even then they are not dancing with joy.) I don't own a handgun and have no intention of getting one. I'm getting a FAC so that I can get something bigger than a borrowed .22 to deal with porcupines.

I underplayed my argument to drive home the point: Even if were a matter of just paperwork and inquest, it would still be too much. The risks are too high. The benefits too low. THATs why I said you were loonies.

Statistically we are safer. Overall firearms deaths are 1/3 that of the US. But we are more inclined to suicide by bullet than you are. Homicide ratio is 8:1. (All numbers are per 100,000 population.

How many stories can you claim where an armed lawnsman dealt with a Black Hat and things worked out well for him. That short a list, eh?

Yeah, Yeah, I know the aphorism, "better to be convicted by 12 than carried by 6" Put up or shut up: Where are the stories either way?

I'm a staunch supporter of the right to arm bears. But it's not my neighbor or the people in my neighborhood. It's the government. But I don't have the training or the resources, so I have to be clever instead.
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