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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Did the pump always cycle? when it does cycle, what is a lot? I didn't say short cycle or fast cycle which are different issues.
You say with the pump off the pressure decreases. This would be due to a gradual loss of pressure as the pressure drops from cut-out to cut-in pressure. You ganged a set of valves to keep the pump running, you might of masked the problem, maybe not.

Clock the amount of time between cut-out and cut-in and the size of the drawdown of the pressure tank.

Calculate the demand requirements of the zone and if they don't jibe you may have a cracked pipe that opens and closes.Posted via Mobile Device
Which might account for the "sand and clumps of dirt" in the line.

IMO; demands systems are a PIA;

I'm thinking the pump shouldn't cycle at all with a valve open.

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