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Well it's all back together and running, BUT HERE'S WHAT IT'S DOING:::

1.The head I replaced sounds alot louder than the other head. What I mean is you can hear the valves as they come back down onto their seats. It's like a knocking noise and not a clanging noise that you would hear if the rockers where loose. When I gapped the valves at .004 the gauge was very tight maybe to tight. Questions: Should the gauge slide through or be hard to pass through when checking the lash? If you hear a knocking noise is that a sign of the rocker arms being on to tight?

2. When I got it all back together, the side that I replaced was firing and the other side would not fire. So I switch coils from one side to the other. It now fires on both sides, but the the side I replaced is alot stronger. What I mean is if I would take the boot off of the new side you can here the engine start to run on one cylinder(and it will die if it's at low trottle). It sounds very weak/like it running on one cylinder. Now if I take off the old side and let it run on the new side, there is really no difference in sound and the engine doesn't die at low throttle. This is when I can really hear the knocking of the valves hitting their seats.Questions: Should I replace coils? Should I pull the other head and do a valve job?

3. When it's running the new side get's hotter faster than the old side. LIke when I touch the rocker covers the new side is hot after about 30 seconds and the old side takes about 2 mins to get to the temp of the new side.

4. It surges a little bit to, but I think that the fuel pump is on it's way out. There's alittle fuel in the filter but it not full. If I pull the choke about 1/4 of the way it will smooth out alittle, but you can still hear the surge. New fuel pump? Gov. Adjustment? Clean carb?

As a side note, this was all done with the top cover off. Also I notices that the cover screw(the screw that attaches the cover to the metal side cover) just above the regulator would spark like something was not grounded.
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