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If you are robbed at gunpoint, you don't have time to draw. Going for a weapon will either get you killed or someone else killed.

The nature of a handgun is that by the time you realize that you need it, you no longer have time to get it. It is primarily a defensive weapon.

I can see having one in the house. You hear the burlar, and can arm yourself. Or as a way to deal with home invasion. But you are really playing a game of double or nothing even there.

I can see recommending that teachers get trained, and keep one in a locked desk drawer especially if we get more school shootings.

Athens Georgia (I think. Some large town in Georgia) has a city ordinance that requires every household to have a handgun. Lowest burgle rate in the country. The knowledge that there are guns in hand is a significant deterrent.

The key to carrying is training. If you use it on another person however, you are looking at losing your business, and several years of your life. You have got to be sure that the only alternative is probably you or someone you love dying.

That's why to me, there is no sense in carrying.
* The scenrios that are likely they are far more likely to do you more harm than good.
* It takes constant training to make the right decision at the right time. I think that law enforcement officers shoot several thousand rounds a year in training.
* Even if you are an LEO there is paperwork to fill out if you even draw your gun, more if you fire it, let alone hit someone with it.
* Even LEOs will go through their entire career and never draw their gun.

Counter with the risk that you will
* shoot and hit. Legal fees. Jail time.
* shoot and miss. Your best option.
* shoot and hit an innocent. Now the S*** really hits the fan. And guilt too.

Is it worth it?

And do remember that there are many many cases each year where someone left the gun cupboard unlocked, or the kid finally got tall enough to reach the key, and got hurt or hurt a sibling with this alluring deadly toy.
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