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Trailer Wiring?

The female connector on my trailer (7 blade?) has popped loose a few times and ended up being dragged on the pavement damaging the rubber plug. It still works, but one of the last times I used it this fall, the running lights didn't come on until I jiggled it around a bit, so I thought it prudent to get it replaced before spring.

The 4 foot or so long "pigtail" running from the connector seems to be attached to the trailer wiring by a connector of some sort (round, perhaps 4 inches long), but I was not able to disconnect it using minimal force. I didn't get too carried away until I was sure the thing is designed to come apart. However, when I went online to try and find a replacement, everything I could locate appears to be only bare wire connections. I couldn't find anything that has a factory molded "plug" on the trailer end of the pigtail.

My question is, should I just cut and splice the wires, or are there pigtails that have connectors molded in, and, if so, where could I find them. The trailer is a PJ, if that helps. Thanks.
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